This notice in no way affects your legal right to dispute the validity of any debt referenced in communication between yourself and Asset Recovery Group, Inc.


Due to the personal sensitivity of many collection accounts Asset Recovery Group, Inc. (“ARG”) handles, we understand the need to keep information secure and confidential at all times. In accordance to FDCPA and HIPAA regulations, access to personal consumer/medical-related information concerning (“You”) the debtor (i.e. the party or parties who owe a debt and whose delinquent payment account(s) are being serviced by ARG) and(“Your”) relationship to ARG is restricted to the employees and service providers who use the information to properly service account(s) of which the information is applicable. Furthermore, any organization(s) ARG may employ to provide support in the handling of accounts must adhere to this Privacy Policy and allow periodic assessment by ARG to ensure compliance.

Use of ARG’s website located at, and the input/storage of personal debtor information therein is protected to our best efforts by multiple safeguards. Personal information is stored in local, password-protected servers with limited access, making sure the information is available only to those legally permitted to access it.

Personal information regarding you and your debt being collected by ARG is obtained solely for the purpose of collecting a debt, as permitted by law. This may include forms you have filled out; transactions you have made with ARG; prior handlers of your debtor accounts, our affiliates, or others; and consumer reports (including credit reports). This information may also include your name, address, social security number, current and former employers, payment history, and account balances.

Any personal information obtained by us in regards to the collection of a debt can only be communicated with your express permission, the express permission of a court of law, to yourself, an attorney representing you, the creditor to whom the debt is owed, the creditor’s attorney, our own attorney, or any party other than the aforementioned permitted in adherence to the FDCPA.

No action needs to be taken by you or a legal representative on your behalf to limit the sharing and usage of personal debtor information related to the collecting a debt.

Asset Recovery Group, Inc. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Notice of the change(s) will be posted on the website for no less than sixty (60) days from the date the change(s) was made. Any change(s) to the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately after the revised policy has been posted on the website.