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What We Do

Asset Systems, Inc. is a not for profit, 501 (c) (3) corporation structured as a cooperative. ASI is dedicated solely to the handling of collections for not-for-profit hospitals. ASI requires exclusivity of placement to participate in the co-op.

Now in its 33rd year of operations, starting in 1987, ASI continues to provide record recoveries and patronage dividends for its members.

Since ASI is structured as a cooperative, it has features and benefits unavailable from any collection agency in the Northwest, including:

  • Low contingency rate, providing more return to participating hospitals.
  • Patronage dividends from cooperative profit further reduces A/R expense and provides significant cost savings.
  • A qualified, healthcare-oriented management team, thus increasing the effectiveness of healthcare collections while preserving quality patient relations.
  • Staff training for hospital and physician offices, increasing efficiency, raising morale, and bolstering hospital-physician relations. Staff training is complimentary for ASI members.
  • Representation on the Board of Directors of ASI. The board member must be the organization's CFO or higher.

For more information about what Asset Systems Inc. can do for your not-for-profit hospital, please call Mary Emerton at 503.233.0462 or email her at [email protected]


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