Industries We Serve

Asset Recovery Group has a vast and diverse portfolio of clients we serve, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Clinics
  • Physicians and Surgeons
  • Surgery Centers
  • Billing Companies
  • Retail Jewelers
  • Publishing and Advertising
  • Utilities
  • Food Service Supply Wholesalers
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Proprietary Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Government Debt
  • Law Firms

For every industry ARG represents, we have an experienced collection team that diligently handle accounts legally and ethically. With their PHD method of collections, they provide solutions and offer payment options to give debtors, and clients, financial peace of mind.


Reporting to the Client

Reports are preferably transmitted electronically as an encrypted file through our secure FTP site. We permanently store all reported metrics on physical media.

The following are the types of standard reports most frequently requested by our clients:

Monthly Activity Remittance Statement: Frequency will be based upon requested period of remittance.

Information includes the responsible party name, account number, payment amount, date payment was received, type of money received (principle, interest, etc...), type of payment (full, partial, legal, etc...), total due to client, total due to agency, and total collected.

Cancel Report: Information includes name of responsible party, account number, date account was listed, balance cancelled and the reason for cancellation.

Client Analysis by Month: A metric designed to track data by month of placement. The report shows how many accounts were listed each month and their dollar value.

Adjustments and client cancels are tracked separately to insure accurate statistics as well as returned accounts, paid/ settled in full and collections for the current month and to date with their recovery percentages.

Custom Reporting and Metrics: Available if necessary as part of our commitment to customer-centered service.


Risk Management

A self-imposed responsibility and service we provide our clients is that of risk management on their behalf.

When we become aware of a potential risk to a client, we immediately document and make them aware of the issue. In most cases, there is no real basis of fact. However, our policy is to report all threats of exposure, provide recommendations based on our knowledge, and allow the client to make a determination of how they want the matter to be handled.


Onsite Training Seminars

A hallmark of our commitment to customer-centered service is providing clients onsite training opportunities for your personnel at no charge. These educational seminars provide both motivational and personal development for your staff.

ARG President and Chief Executive, Michael G. Schindler is a nationally recognized and much sought after seminar leader in the credit and collection industry. Mr. Schindler, along with our talented and knowledgeable presenters are capable of not only providing our already established training programs, but also working with our clients, developing new programs and seminars to suit their needs.

The positive impact of these seminars have exceeded the expectations of most attendees, as reflected in their highly rated evaluations and comments:

"The enthusiasm that Mr. Schindler has would be very beneficial to the whole collection process and team. Very informative and well presented!"

"All was great, very informative! ...Good examples, clear instructions for possible 'scripting.'"

"[It] was informational, humorous, and pleasant for an unpleasant subject."

"All info was something we needed and will use!"


Client Services

We pride ourselves on unparalleled client service. We guarantee that if necessary, you will be able to speak to a live body during our normal business hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The Client Relations department can also be reached via email or fax and are available to assist our clients in any way needed.